In a recent high-profile case, an organised crime gang from Manchester was sentenced to over 21 years in prison for a series of high-value burglaries in Cheshire. This incident underscores the ever-present threat posed by criminals and the critical importance of home security systems.

The Crime Spree in Detail

Over a period spanning from February to June 2022, Cheshire experienced a string of burglaries that were both brazen and sophisticated. The gang, consisting of four men and one woman, meticulously targeted affluent areas close to the Greater Manchester border. These areas included Prestbury, Goostrey, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Over Peover, and Thelwall. Their modus operandi involved selecting mostly unoccupied homes, capitalising on the absence of the homeowners, often away on holiday.

The loot from these burglaries was diverse and valuable, ranging from watches, cash, and jewellery to handbags. However, their primary target was cars, which they would steal and then transport to Birmingham using false number plates. There, the vehicles were sold through criminal networks, generating significant profits for the gang.

The Perpetrators and Their Sentencing

The gang was composed of:

Burglars in Cheshire

Image Courtesy of Cheshire Police

  • Ryan Beevers, 34, of Shadowmoss Road, Manchester – Sentenced to 7 years and 8 months in prison. He was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Burglary and Conspiracy to Convert/Conceal Criminal Property.
  • Lyndsey Entwistle, 48, also of Shadowmoss Road, Manchester – Received a sentence of 2 years and 3 months in prison. Her charges included Participating in the activities of an Organised Crime Group, Conspiracy to Convert/Conceal Criminal Property, and Possession of Criminal Property.
  • William Bate, 44, of Pendeen Close, Manchester – Sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in prison for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary.
  • Jonathan Bruton, 33, of Castleview House, Runcorn – Received a 2 years and 6 months prison sentence for Conspiracy to Convert/Conceal Criminal Property.
  • Caine McConville, 25, of HMP Altcourse – Sentenced to 6 years in prison. His charges included Conspiracy to Commit Burglary, Conspiracy to Convert/Conceal Criminal Property, Dangerous Driving, Handling Stolen Goods, and Disqualified Driving.

The Investigation and Arrests

The gang’s activities came to light when forensic analysis linked blood found at one of the burgled homes to Ryan Beevers. This breakthrough led to a warrant being executed at Beevers’ home, resulting in the recovery of numerous high-value items and mobile phones. These items were identified as belonging to victims of the 12 burglaries.

Further evidence from the phones, combined with telephone analysis and other inquiries, implicated the other members of the gang. Subsequent warrants led to the arrests of Bate and Bruton, while McConville, initially evading arrest, was later apprehended.

The Emotional and Financial Impact

Detective Constable Rebecca Smith from Cheshire Constabulary, who led the investigation, emphasised the profound impact of these crimes. The emotional trauma inflicted on the victims is often more debilitating than the financial losses. The invasion of privacy and the violation of one’s safe space can leave long-lasting psychological scars.

The Role of Home Security Systems

This series of burglaries in Cheshire underscores the critical role of home security systems. In areas where high-value items are more prevalent, the risk of being targeted by organised crime is significantly higher. A well-designed home security system serves as a vital deterrent and can provide crucial evidence in the event of a crime.

Protecting Your Home with Rotec Alarms

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Proactive Measures for Home Safety

It’s essential to be proactive in safeguarding your home. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Install a Comprehensive Security System: Consider a system that includes cameras, alarms, and motion sensors.
  • Regular Maintenance and Updates: Ensure that your security system is regularly checked and updated to counter evolving threats.
  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of local crime trends and adjust your security measures accordingly.
  • Community Vigilance: Engage with your local community for shared vigilance and reporting of suspicious activities.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

The Cheshire burglary series is a potent reminder of the threats posed by organised crime. Investing in a reliable home security system is not just about protecting possessions; it’s about ensuring the safety and peace of mind of your family. 

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