Home Security Systems

Your safety and security is our priority.

How we work

We take the time to look at your home properly before we start work.

Just like you, we hate to see wires everywhere. Over the years, we have developed many ingenious techniques for hiding them.

We believe that taking the time and trouble to get it right from the start results in less trouble for me in the long term and a higher degree of satisfaction for you overall.

Home Security Systems

How much does a burglar alarm cost?

Now here’s a question that nobody seems to want to answer on their website.

You will be very pleased to know that our prices are NOT a secret! I’m sure my competitors already know what I charge anyway so I’m not concerned in the least about sharing this information publicly.

You don’t have to delve deep into our website to find the vaguest suggestion about our approximate costs given a certain set of circumstances. We will endeavour to answer “how much does a burglar alarm cost?” as accurately as possible so that you already know before we call round. There are certain anomalies that can apply to your particular job but they wouldn’t affect the total price by more than 5% or so.

Things that can affect price slightly are things like pets running free, type of décor or flooring that can make wiring difficult and so on. There are always solutions to these problems and there is not always additional cost related to the solution, but there might be.

One thing I do know as a consumer is this. When I am looking to purchase anything my first question is obviously “how much is it?” I don’t want to waste my time looking at a Mercedes with a Vauxhall budget. The same applies to your decision to have one of our alarm systems installed. You need to know the price!

The system we recommend as either an upgrade or new installation is the Lightsys 2 system by Risco Group. I have used Risco equipment for more than 15 years now and it has proved to be very reliable indeed. They also offer me a 3 year warranty on everything I purchase which I pass on to my customers. So if anything goes faulty in the first 3 years we just swap the equipment and Risco replaces it for me. It is particularly important to me that our system is reliable because we don’t charge a call out charge to come out to faults* (See our maintenance contract for details). It is the Lightsys system which is demonstrated in our video.

Below you will find the exact cost to have our professional installers complete the installation at your home followed up by one of our technical team to demonstrate the system and set you up on your smartphones if you have purchased online equipment. Once you are happy with your new security system we invoice for the job.

Payment is preferably by bank transfer immediately on completion.

One more thing…

The only other variable cost to you the customer is the quality of the refreshments served to our installers. Brennan has a acquired a taste for those posh little coffees like Nespresso even though he only has ‘Aldi instant’ in his own cupboards at home.

Stuart on the other hand is rather partial to Homemade cake which has now stopped him fitting under the floorboards or in to some tight roof spaces. Customers can be marked down on our database for powdered milk or biscuits without chocolate but can recover their ranking with good conversation.