Risco LightSys2 Home Security System

If you can foresee the problem, LightSys2 is already part of the solution.

Your Security Solution

Risco Group has spent years developing the LightSys2 and LightSys PLUS. They represents the future of home security. The developers have thought of everything.

If you can foresee the problem, LightSys2 or PLUS is already part of the solution. In addition to monitoring the security of your property, the systems can be used to control lighting, electronic gates, domestic appliances, smoke machines and more.

The system can be programmed to perform defined actions in specific circumstances and can be managed remotely on your Smartphone via Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Installing RISCO LightSys2

LightSys2 & PLUS can be installed in a variety of different ways:

  • Conventional wiring
  • Wirelessly
  • RISCO BUS wiring

You can add up to 50 devices to the LightSys2, and 500 for the LightSys PLUS; using any combination of wire and wireless connections. This means the LightSys is an ideal upgrade for older systems as existing devices can be re-deployed.

Risco Lightsys Key Features

The Risco LightSys2 and LightSys PLUS are packed with innovative features to help keep your home secure.

  • Any combination of wired and wireless connections

  • Controlled via your Smartphone

  • 14 different programs to control lights, gates, smoke machines, domestic appliances etc.

  • Automated messaging – text, email, telephone call etc.

Risco Lightsys 2 Detectors

Up to 50 devices can be added to one LightSys2 system, and 500 to a LightSys PLUS, with the ability to purchase detectors for:

  • Flood

  • Gas

  • Heat

  • Smoke

  • Speech & Audio Devices

  • Vibration

  • Video

Risco LightSys Supply & Fit

Despite the sophistication and upgrade flexibility of the LightSys2 and PLUS systems, it costs no more to install the basic version than it does to install the earlier Risco 600 system.

The supply and install of a full system costs just £490 +VAT (£588)

What is included?

  • An initial consultation with you to establish your needs

  • A wired or wireless or combination intruder alarm system

  • A control panel (usually hidden in a cupboard somewhere)

  • A fixed keypad to operate the system (usually located in your hallway)

  • A 32 zone wireless receiver

  • A bell box (fitted high on an outside wall of your property)

  • Two standard detection devices (sensors) of your choice*

  • Expert Installation

  • A control panel (usually hidden in a cupboard somewhere)

*Detection Devices

There are various types of detection device (sensor) available. Which one is best for you very much depends on the property and considerations such as whether you have young children, older children or pets. The pros and cons of the different types of sensor really need to be discussed with you on an individual basis.

Generally speaking, the most common types of sensors are:

  • Movement sensors which are used to protect rooms
  • Wired or wireless door contacts
  • Vibration sensors which are used on windows or doors
  • Panic buttons, for summoning aid
  • Smoke alarms
  • Carbon monoxide alarms

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We offer a range of security solutions.

Home Security Systems

Burglar alarm systems aren’t what they used to be. Protect your home with a trusted, modern security system.

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CCTV cameras offer the ultimate peace of mind. Record and view 24/7, and check your property from anywhere on your mobile device.

LED Security lighting

Illuminate your property and deter would-be criminals from the get-go with LED, energy efficient lighting.

Annual Servicing & Maintenance

Keeping your security system maintained is essential to ensuring that it works when you need it. That’s why our annual servicing & maintenance package is so popular.

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