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As crime rates continue to climb and burglars employ more advanced methods, the need to protect your family and property is more critical than ever.

Our approach goes beyond simply identifying an intruder after entry. Our systems aim to preemptively deter opportunists and identify potential burglars before they have a chance to enter your home through a door or window. This proactive stance is key to enhancing your home’s security.

Crime Rates in Bramhall

Crime rates are on the rise leaving homeowners feeling increasingly vulnerable.

Even the beautiful suburban area of Bramhall has been affected by this uptick in criminal activity, underscoring the ever-growing importance of securing your home, property, and family.

In Bramhall, having a properly serviced and functioning burglar alarm can serve as an effective deterrent to those attempting unauthorised entry into your home. Additionally, it provides a critical audible notification to you and your neighbours in the event of an attempted burglary, enhancing the security of your home.

Risco Lightsys 2 Burglar Alarm

Risco Group has spent years developing the LightSys2. In our opinion, it represents the future of home security. The developers have thought of everything.

If you can foresee the problem, LightSys2 is already part of the solution.

In addition to monitoring the security of your property, LightSys2 can be used to control lighting, electronic gates, domestic appliances, smoke machines and more. The system can be programmed to perform defined actions in specific circumstances and can be managed remotely on your Smartphone via Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

From just £490 +VAT including installation, the Risco system is one of the most modern and easy to use systems on the market.

The Suburban Area of Bramhall

Bramhall, a suburban area located within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport in Greater Manchester, England, has historical ties to Cheshire. As recorded in the 2011 Census, Bramhall had a population of 17,436.

While this area hasn’t faced crime rates as high as those in its neighboring metropolitan boroughs, it has still been impacted by the overall increase in crime rates seen across Greater Manchester. This is partly due to burglars and potential criminals extending their activities into the suburbs.

Our Services

We offer a range of security solutions.

Home Security Systems

Burglar alarm systems aren’t what they used to be. Protect your home with a trusted, modern security system.

CCTV & Video Verification Camera Systems

CCTV cameras offer the ultimate peace of mind. Record and view 24/7, and check your property from anywhere on your mobile device.

LED Security lighting

Illuminate your property and deter would-be criminals from the get-go with LED, energy efficient lighting.

Annual Servicing & Maintenance

Keeping your security system maintained is essential to ensuring that it works when you need it. That’s why our annual servicing & maintenance package is so popular.

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