Annual Servicing & Maintenance

We’ve got you covered with burglar alarm maintenance.

Keeping Your Home Security Operational

False burglar alarms can be a nuisance not only for your neighbours but for you because, if the problem is left untreated, it can render your alarm system useless. You will either stop switching it on because you don’t want to annoy the neighbours or, worse still, you keep switching it on and your relationships with your neighbours suffer.

From just £81+VAT per year, you can benefit from the peace of mind that our annual servicing and maintenance offers.

Avoid False Alarms

There is a good technical reason why you should invest in an annual service contract too. Your alarm probably has two back up battery systems, both of which need to be working. One battery is in your control panel and keeps the whole system working during any power outage. The other battery is outside in your bell box. The sole purpose of this battery is to keep your alarm sounding if an intruder vandalises your system.

Sometimes you hear alarm systems going off during a power cut. This is because the internal battery has failed but the external battery is still working. It is actually a fault.


For a small annual fee, your system is checked annually by a Rotec Alarms engineer and covered for unlimited call outs. Compare Rotec with the competition and we are confident that you will find we are the cheapest and fairest burglar alarm engineers in the North.

Our Services

We offer a range of security solutions.

Home Security Systems

Burglar alarm systems aren’t what they used to be. Protect your home with a trusted, modern security system.

CCTV & Video Verification Camera Systems

CCTV cameras offer the ultimate peace of mind. Record and view 24/7, and check your property from anywhere on your mobile device.

LED Security lighting

Illuminate your property and deter would-be criminals from the get-go with LED, energy efficient lighting.

Annual Servicing & Maintenance

Keeping your security system maintained is essential to ensuring that it works when you need it. That’s why our annual servicing & maintenance package is so popular.

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