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Your safety and security is our priority.

Established in 1991, Rotec Alarms have been installing and maintaining burglar alarms for over 30 years helping to bring peace of mind to families in the Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas.

My name is Mark Rowe and Rotec Alarms is my family business. The buck starts and stops with me. We offer a personal service that is very important when deciding on the ideal security system to protect your family.

Whether you live alone or have a house full of kids and pets; we create the perfect system to suit your needs. I like to think that you have also stumbled across the best website to satisfy your needs. Our aim is to educate you about the kind of equipment that’s out there, choose the right stuff to solve your problem and tell you how much it costs…all from this website.

Bespoke Systems to Suit Your Lifestyle

You can have our award winning LightSys system configured to suit every age and every requirement. The elderly can have it configured in a way where they never have to look for their glasses or press any buttons, yet the system is so clever it can alert friends or family if mum hasn’t put the kettle on by 10 o’clock. For the younger generation who have miraculously managed to acquire a home, we can offer the latest smartphone control with advanced video verification. The videos on our website will help you understand what you need to achieve the desired security for your home.

We work very hard to design and install the perfect system and pride ourselves on our very efficient after care service. We are one of those rare companies that actually do what we say. If Mary says we will be there, trust me, we will be there. None of us would dare to annoy Mary by running late and not calling the customer to explain. Our affordable maintenance contract means we are only ever a phone call away and I am very proud to say that many of my original customers from 1991 are still on my books today.

Our pricing is kept very simple and publicly advertised on this website. So whether you live in a mansion or a council house you are assured to receive our very best advice and a fair price for the work.

And the best thing of all! There are no shiny suits or pushy salesmen. You will be visited by a fat, bald electrician who has been installing security systems for 30 years, unless of course you are lucky enough to get the young and handsome Brandon who is equally expert at specifying the correct system. We use our vast experience to advise you, we email you a quotation for the necessary work there and then, and we leave!

If you want to go ahead you call Mary and we come back. There are no contracts pushed under your nose or scripted phone calls to the office about that extra special deal we can do for today only. We all know it’s nonsense. To put it bluntly, we are a great company! If I do say so myself 😀

Meet the Team

Our senior management team are here to answer any questions you may have.

Mark Rowe
Mark RoweEngineer and CEO
Mark is the old man of the firm. He still goes on the tools occasionally but at 60 he struggles to get up when he’s down and really shouldn’t be crawling through a loft space. He still does though!
Mary Rowe
Mary RoweOperations Manager
Mary is the driving force of Rotec and makes sure everything happens when it should. The business would fall apart overnight without her. Said Mary.
BrennanEngineer and Expert Installer.
Brennan is our longest serving engineer at 5 years and counting. He still doesn’t look old enough to drive but does a great installation.
DylanEngineer and Expert Installer
He’s a fantastic engineer and installer and he chose his own favourite photo for the website.
BrandonEngineer and Estimator
Brandon is our ‘go to’ guy with anything technical. He knows how EVERYTHING works and is also a great specifier of the perfect system.
SamApprentice Engineer
Sam is doing extremely well, both on the tools and in college. He’s also an amazing footballer and should be playing for Manchester United. But he’s a City fan so he prefers to work for Rotec.
This is Mark the boss. You’ll only ever see him dressed like this if there’s a wedding, a court date or he needs a stern word with Mary. Good luck with that!

Our Services

We offer a range of security solutions.

Home Security Systems

Burglar alarm systems aren’t what they used to be. Protect your home with a trusted, modern security system.

CCTV & Video Verification Camera Systems

CCTV cameras offer the ultimate peace of mind. Record and view 24/7, and check your property from anywhere on your mobile device.

LED Security lighting

Illuminate your property and deter would-be criminals from the get-go with LED, energy efficient lighting.

Annual Servicing & Maintenance

Keeping your security system maintained is essential to ensuring that it works when you need it. That’s why our annual servicing & maintenance package is so popular.

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